We deliver consulting services, solution suites, and support services for:


- Data Quality -

- Commercial Excellence -

- Policy Compliance -

- Customer Care -


with specialty in life sciences and health care.


See and serve your customers better


The right data to the right persons at the right time.

Struggling with data availability and quality? Lacking the datasets that you need for generating reports and dashboards for managing commercial teams and understanding customers? Trying to establish data governance and stewardship? We bring experienced professionals and custom tools along with the Mule ESB platform for collecting, cleaning, and maintaining your data. We establish data governance and can serve as your data stewards.


The right actions with the right customers at the right time.

Seeking to achieve commercial excellence, actionable insight, and compelling customer engagements? Without the complexity and costs of Salesforce.com? Hoping to obtain a CRM system pre-configured for your life-sciences or health-care business? We bring the process-focused bpm’online platform complemented by both Microsoft PowerBI for analytics and our own CRM modules for extended functionality and critical integrations.


The right tasks by the right persons in the right way.

Seeking to define and maintain your standard operating procedures (SOPs)? Struggling to obtain employee compliance with company policy? Hoping to accelerate learning curves for new hires? Determined actually to change workforce behavior? We bring the best-in-class Acadia Performance Platform for operational consistency, policy compliance, and team performance.


The right services from the right partner with the right results.

Looking to provide knowledge-intensive support to your employees and/or customers?  Searching for a partner who is dedicated to operational consistency and service excellence?  Who brings business expertise as well as technical capability?  We offer both east-coast professionals and near-shore analysts for data care, customer service, and system administration.

Too many blind spots in your decision-making?

Too much blind faith in your teams?

Bring your customers and teams into plain view with Keen360.

Established Enterprises

We Specialize in Life Sciences & Health Care

Industry Knowledge. We improve your data quality, commercial operations, and customer support by bringing experienced professionals for integration and support services, including a near-shore center in English-speaking Guyana (S. America).

Strategy, Workflow, & Compliance. We prioritize alignment of systems and services with strategy. Workflow that employees can execute and customers will enjoy. Compliance with standard procedures, company policy, and leading practices.

Integration & Operation. We implement and/or operate systems for data, interactions, and insight relating to your customers and markets. We bring carefully selected partners for technical architecture, development, and integration.

Growing Ventures

We Specialize in Biotech and Cannabis

Experience in Ventures. Due to our experience in startups, venture capital, and private equity, we know the imperatives for demonstrating marketplace knowledge, achieving marketplace wins, and sustaining investor confidence.

Right-Sized Approach. We rigorously adhere to the 80/20 rule for solutions and services to establish a commercial-ops and customer-service platform that is both a foundation for the near-term business and a springboard for future growth.

“Business in a Box.” We can quickly establish high-quality data ops, commercial ops, and customer service on a managed-services basis with fractional FTEs as needed.

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We do it for you via managed services from east-coast and near-shore professionals.

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