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The right actions with the right customers at the right time.

Seeking to achieve commercial excellence from your sales team? Service excellence and customer satisfaction from your support team? Timely and compelling interactions with your prospects and customers? Need to obtain actionable insight for managerial and strategic decisions?

Want to avoid the complexities and costs of Salesforce.com?

We bring the low-code, process-focused Creatio BPM / CRM platform for transformation of customer-facing operations and performance. We offer pre-configured versions of Creatio for solution selling and omni-channel service in the commercial sector; for constituent service and legislative tracking in the public realm.

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The right support from the right channels with the right results.

Looking to provide knowledge-intensive service to your customers and/or employees? Need to support your application end-users and/or keep your data clean? While delivering a positive customer experience?

We offer outsourced business process services (BPO) for customer care and system support. For which, we leverage 1) the Creatio BPM / CRM platform to empower our agents on your behalf, and 2) the Acadia Performance Platform for consistently high-quality results to meet and exceed the metrics in our service level agreements (SLAs).

In addition, we offer a blend of east-coast and near-shore professionals to give you options in managing tradeoffs between costs and services.

Too many blind spots in your decision-making?

Too much blind faith in performance and outcomes?

Bring your customers and teams into plain view with Keen360.

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We prefer the Creatio BPM / CRM platform for our solutions and services

Low-Code Configuration. For vastly reduced reliance on high-cost technical developers.

Work-Flow Engine. For both highly structured and gently orchestrated processes, whether CRM or otherwise.

End-User Focus. For achieving uptake and usage:  A clean user interface, a mobile app (iOS / Android), and a portal for external stakeholders — all in the base price.

Dual-Option Deployment. For flexibility:  Either cloud-based hosting by AWS / Azure or datacenter hosting at your preferred site.

Fast-Paced Implementation. For reducing costs, mitigating risks, and accelerating time-to-benefit.

Low-Cost Proposition. For budget relief, typically 50% to 60% the cost of Salesforce.com, frequently even less.

Analyst-Endorsed Functionality. As proof of capabilities, numerous favorable reviews and rankings by leading independent IT analysts (e.g., Forester, Gartnter).

World-Wide Footprint. As assurance of continuity, as well as further proof of capabilities, 7,000+ customers globally.

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We do it with you via advisory and integration services for CRM.

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