see and serve your customers better.

We help you to improve your customer-facing operations and performance.

Putting too much blind faith in your operational teams?

Suffering too many blind spots in your decision-making?




Bring your customers and teams into plain view with Keen360.

we prefer the Creatio platform for our CRM solutions

1. Low-Code Configuration
For vastly reduced reliance on high-cost technical developers
2. Process-Oriented Platform 
For modeling and enabling both highly structured and gently orchestrated processes, whether CRM or otherwise
3. Fast-Paced Implementation
For reducing costs, mitigating risks, and accelerating time-to-benefit

Powered by Creatio BPM / CRM platform

4. Attractive Economics
For budget relief, typically 50% to 60% the cost of, frequently even less
5. Analyst Endorsements
As proof of functional capabilities, numerous favorable reviews and rankings by leading independent IT analysts (e.g., Forester, Gartner)
6. World-Wide Footprint
As assurance of long-term continuity and investment for the platform, over 7,000 customers globally

Don’t you want to see and serve better?

We do it with you via advisory and integration services for CRM.

We do it for you via BPO services from east-coast and near-shore professionals.

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