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Pre-Configured CRM Solutions

For businesses that cultivate relationships, orchestrate teams, and generate proposals for their B2C, B2B, and B2G solutions, including companies that employ multiple sales methods or paths for their opportunities and pipelines

For organizations seeking stakeholder alignment and effective governance to obtain consistently successful delivery in their portfolios of programs and projects across all operations, not just IT

For organizations seeking to transform customer service by offering omni-channel communications across email, web pages, portals, text, and voice… with opportunity to deploy the technology platform in under two weeks

For legislative offices and executive agencies seeking to modernize interactions with… and transform service to… their constituents

For teams that are striving to track bills and/or policy while also registering positions, educating stakeholders, conducting polls, and releasing or publishing documents to influence public opinion… whether those teams operate from public offices or private orgs with an interest in government and politics

For companies in Life Sciences seeking a capable, nimble, affordable complement or alternative to the industry’s mega-size Field Sales platforms… and for Biotech companies looking for a turnkey solution as they progress from completing clinical trials to launching commercial operations

Our pre-configured solutions are powered by

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BPO Services

  • Customer Care.  For delivering knowledge-intensive, workflow-oriented service to your customers and/or employees.
  • System Support.  For providing help to your system end-users, whether for logins, application functionality, or system administration.
  • Data Stewardship.  For maintaining data quality with cost-effective analysts who are dedicated to keeping your critical data clean.
  • Blended On-Shore & Near-Shore Team.  For balancing the tradeoffs between the services and costs while sustaining quality, our near-shore team in English-speaking Guyana can be blended with our US-based professionals.

— watch for more information on our BPO services in late 2020 —